Coconut Cake by Songket Artisan Bakery

Besides the durian cakes, Songket Artisan Bakery also makes super realistic Coconut Cake (RM238) with fresh coconut.

“We have friends who don’t eat durian and we wanted something special for them too. So, we created the coconut cake,” says Yap.

The mousse cake is made using cold pressed organic virgin coconut oil, Omega-3 eggs and canola oil.

“We try to keep things healthy where we can,” says Wong.

The cake weighs 1kg and comes with fresh cream topping. With a straw poking out of it, it looks like the best thirst quencher in this sweltering weather.

Except that, hehe, it’s not a coconut at all.

New to the family is the Pumpkin Carrot Cake (RM238) baked with fresh pumpkin, carrot, golden raisins and walnuts. This is the only cake that doesn’t really need refrigeration because of its cream cheese frosting, and is also the heaviest at 1.5kg.

“We introduced the Pumpkin Carrot Cake during Chinese New Year, and it is fast becoming one of our top sellers. Our customers really like the taste because it is not too sweet.

“In fact, that is one of the main changes I did to my recipes when I started baking. I realised that the recipes in cookbooks use too much sugar and I didn’t want to do the same with my recipes,” adds Wong.

The need for discretion

For now, only the husband-and-wife team knows exactly how to make the durian, coconut and pumpkin cakes, and they are not willing to share the trade secret with anyone yet.

“We have three to five helpers at the central kitchen, but they just assist us,” says Wong.

“My husband and I execute all the orders ourselves. This is our bread and butter, so we really cannot share the secret with too many people.”

Their attempts at mass-producing the cakes have yielded less than satisfactory results. The couple realised that any sort of shortcut affects the taste of their cakes.

“We don’t want to compromise on the quality of the cakes just to be able to produce more. I’ve always believed that the taste is as important as the look of the cake,” says Yap.

“Right now, we have both, and I’ll never compromise on that.”

Source: The Star Online