Revcontent - A Powerful Native Ad Network (Part 1 of 2)

I had the pleasure of speaking with John Lemp from Revcontent and here are some questions I asked along with his awesome answers. Enjoy!

First, I see some big names on your website. How did you acquire those names like Forbes, Newsweek, International Business Times, Reuters?

We have built a business around people and surrounding ourselves with the best of the best.

It seems there are some brilliant and innovative media executives that were willing to take chances on us over the last couple of years and I don’t believe it's an accident that they are from some of the most well respected and fastest growing properties out there.

The media business has always been a business driven by people, and the goal of tools such as Revcontent is to empower media businesses to be in greater control of their relationships with the users on their sites.

How did you get started with Revcontent and how long did it take you to build the business up to the high standards it holds now?

When Revcontent was founded, we were coming into a market where our competition had a 7 year jump on us, so we knew we had to be different from the start.

The standards that we hold our publishers to is our biggest differentiator. We don’t want to work with just anybody, and we are extremely selective.

Standards is something we started with. We started with turning businesses down, only wanting to work with the best.

We saw there was a race to the bottom in a lot of ways. Everyone is bragging that they have 80,000 or 100,000 people they are working with, but the quality of our network, content, and brands are so important.

 Our goal (and we know we’re still growing in this) is to create the best user experience possible.

As an industry, the better we get at creating a great user experience, the better we can be. It’s more than just us, we want to see the entire industry get better at that.

What makes a website or business good enough for Revcontent?

Engagement. Surprisingly, it’s not always the sites you think of that have the best engagement. We’ve turned down media brands that aren’t reaching our idea engagement level.

People who are continually building a relationship with their users, a stronger user path, a larger user base- people who are putting their users first. That’s who we really see the best engagement from.

Millennials are spending 6-8 hours on social media but less than 10 minutes on branded publisher sites.

We want to help site engagement, keep people on the site, and level the playing field, so people can come in and build the media brands of the future.