Revcontent - A Powerful Native Ad Network (Part 2 of 2)

Can you tell me a little more about your new tool, RevFlickr and Revmore?

RevFlickr is an exciting innovation. We’re the first and only content recommendation network to put the focus on the consumer, and instead of putting in 5-6 swipes of native ads, we are maximizing the real estate.

Similar to Facebook’s accordion ads, we give users the ability to scroll through the content they’re interested in.

The exciting part is that it uses so much less real estate and using less real estate is so important.

Users are there to consume content, they don’t need to see enormous ads. Especially with native ads, that’s not a native ad. Now we’re getting back to the days of huge display ads with poor user experience.

Maintaining a great user experience was an important decision when creating Flickr.

RevFlickr is being used by a lot of the largest brands on our network, and our innovation team likes to create a new unit every 2 weeks to continue that culture of innovation we have.

Do you have any business partners helping you or do you do this all yourself?

God is the best business partner I could ask for, and He has brought amazing people to the team. The Revcontent team is brilliant, high character, and innovative.

They’re an amazing group who have built amazing technology and relationships, and we try to give everything back to them with great benefits, expanding the stock option plan, and the freedom to take control of their position and run with it.

Tell me all about Revcontent and what made you decide to start this native ad network?

Based on feedback and ideas from contacts in the media and publishing industry, there were two main players out in the content recommendation space.
People were telling me the level of engagement and the rates they were getting, and they were embarrassing. They felt like there was not enough innovation, that there needed to be an alternative that gave them control and power.
So I thought someone needs to give publishers and consumers what they need and want.

I heard one of our engineers compare us to the Iphone of Native networks - we weren't the first just as they weren't the first mp3 player, but we are the most simple and most empowering.

The funny thing is we hear the reasons we shouldn't exist and most definitely shouldn’t be growing everyday - We have no funding and our competitors both have $100 million+ in funding.

We are 7 years too late on the market, so how can we catch up to that?

The market is controlled by two dominant players and they both have a tendency to lock people into long term deals - how can we still be growing so fast?

The answer is simple - We are growing because our publishers are growing and our publishers are growing because the performance and control is so far beyond our competition.

It’s completely disrupting the industry, and the CEO of Newsweek recently quoted, “We are tripling our competitors RPMs.”

We just hit 200 Billion Content Recommendations and with our current growth rate, in the next 12 months, we will be the largest Content Recommendation network in the world.

We do know we need to get better though as we still see the market as only at 10% of the total efficiency of where it should be - so we have a long way to go!

We know we can get better in all areas and need to evolve and get better for both consumer and publishers - someone has to.